Visions Anew Institute Founder Margot Swann

Margot Swann, the retired founder of Visions Anew, has been a  leader in divorce education. Like most of her dedicated team of professionals, Ms. Swann has personally experienced the trauma of divorce. In 1992, after 20 years of marriage to an attorney, and having been a homemaker and stay-at-home mom, Ms. Swann faced an unexpected divorce. Feeling both terrified and overwhelmed, she gathered a team of experts to help navigate the divorce process.

As a result of her experience, Ms. Swann developed a passion for sharing her knowledge and wisdom with others who are divorcing. In 1998 she founded Visions Anew Institute, This unique nonprofit has served thousands of women, positively influencing their lives as well as those of their ex-spouses and children. In fact Visions Anew Institute has made such an positive impact on the women that men have begged for something similar. As of January of 2013, Visions Anew is also serving men. Our educational seminars are now all co-ed.

Prior to her retirement in September 2013, Ms. Swann brought to Visions Anew her skills as a Stephen Minister, divorce support facilitator, divorce coach, columnist, professional speaker, business owner, radio host, and seminar coordinator. Ms. Swann was the inspiration for a novel by Cassandra King called Queen of Broken Hearts as well in being featured in two other books. She has frequently been interviewed in print, radio, and television as an expert on divorce, positioning Visions Anew Institute as The Divorce Resource.

She is married to Peter Tennis and is a proud grandmother.