"I am planning on cooking at the retreat in October. I have done so ever since our retreat in 2001. Figured that would be a good way to give back to Margot, who gave me my life back after being shattered as I was."

"I was not really sure (about attending the seminar) and was dreading it a bit. BUT it was very helpful and my opinion has been changed."

"I wonder if you realize how powerful Weekend #46 was! I arrived totally broken. Like the rest of women; we were all there for the same thing. I realized that we could actually help each other. We all drove home sobbing. We wished we could stay another week. I’m a new person, not the same wreck that arrived at the retreat cente"

"The weekend helped me realize that I was not alone. I was able to resolve many of my feelings. I now know that instead of all the negative imaginings that I have been having about my future, I can create a new vision. I'm going to be better than ok."

"As a volunteer...I feel twinges of sadness remembering how hard the beginning of the process was for me. I know I’ve come so far thanks to Visions Anew"

"You helped me to learn to be strong without becoming hard."


Statement of Purpose:

Divorce is complex and chaotic. Visions Anew Institute brings clarity through resources and education, empowering wise decisions with integrity. We transform lives!


"Thank you for everything and I will continue to accept support from the wonderful ladies at Visions Anew. I can't wait to volunteer!"



Visions Anew Institute offers education, resources and support empowering those divorcing to create a new vision for their lives.


"We look to you and your team as role models and a gentle resting place on the way to the future. Thanks for bringing together all the hurting women who together help one another to forge ahead with confidence"

"My experience with visions a new, changed my life. I can't imagine what my life would have been like without attending your session almost two years ago now. I came away with friends that have supported me all the way"

"Before I came to the retreat I was furious, scared, and overwhelmed. I feel now I have the tools and knowledge to help me through this most difficult time. It was awesome to know there were other ladies just like me going through the same garbage. What an amazing experience!"

""......the weekend retreat was outstanding in all ways!!!!.......thank you for the difference it has and will make in my life"


Vision Statement:

We envision a world where those divorcing arise so empowered and filled with integrity, that through them each succeeding generation experiences less and less divorce.


"Thanks to Visions Anew, I feel like I am moving cautiously and wisely in the right direction."

"Margot – Thanks for all your warm wishes and thoughtful prayers.  That “sad night” so long ago was just what I needed to move on and give me great perspective on the “happy days” that have replaced it. Thanks for all you did for me and for all you do for those that come to you and Visions Anew!" Mike Director, Real Estate and Construction, South Area

"Many women's concern (about attending a Visions Weekend) is the time and money. For me - it was the best investment of my LIFE!"

"If you haven't put a plan together yet I highly recommend it! I sat down earlier this week and listed out everything I want/need to do and it was a) very cathartic and b) helped me dump some of the worry."

"I gained strength from telling my story and hearing the others tell theirs. I am happy to help Visions Anew however I can going forward."

"You seminar changed my life! I am forever indebted to you."

"Can't thank you enough for doing what you're doing. Someday I would like to give back what you've given others and me. God bless." Cooper

"BUT I now have quiet, peace, time to make my own decisions, AND to change my mind without having to apologize and feel guilty. "

" I came home a refreshed woman, smiling and happy so much so I can't remember feeling this way for such a long time. I also came home knowing I have now so many sisters going through this tough stuff and together we are a united front."

""I feel much better prepared to deal with the divorce process." (after attending this seminar)"

"Before Visions Anew: I was overwhelmed with the complex process that was in front of me. I needed to build more support and fun into my life. Since Visions Anew I now understand the process better and no longer feel overwhelmed."

"When my wife asked me for a divorce, my gut reaction, as a trial attorney, was, “Welcome to my world. I will crush you.” Because she had attended one of your Divorce Survival Weekends she said, “There is a better way.” As a direct result of her involvement in your organization, we had one of the most civil divorces in human history. I will be forever grateful for that" Mike Partner and Trial Attorney in a Law Firm

"Best thing I ever did for myself after what happened to me."

"I recommend that my female divorce clients attend Visions Anew because there is a difference between clients who attend and clients who don't. Clients who don't are generally scared and needy because they are frequently uninformed and feel very much alone. Clients who do attend acquire solid, professional information and confidence from sharing with other like-minded women." " Diane Woods, Esq.

"Visions Anew helped save my sanity and I have found love and lasting support through the special friends I made there. I create individual bears as a way of giving back AND paying it forward to Visions Anew Institute. My Social Security is $700 a month and I have several clients I work for...cooking and organizing. So, in a way this is my way of being on the mission field. I also appreciate being part of the volunteer staff at Visions Anew and spending a few days away from home during the Divorce Survival Weekend." Graduate of Divorce Survival Weekend #25

"As I look back over the last 6 months, I know I am much better now than I would have been because of the things I learned and most of all, the wonderful friends I met. I'm so glad to have our group to depend on, and each of you makes a positive difference in my life."

"We want integrity from both sides. We are not here to bash the other gender, although there may be deserved anger and/or disappointment."

"Truly you are one of the keys that opened that "window of opportunity" I never knew I ever had. And revalidated and encouraged me at the most opportune moments."

"We gathered together, most of us with varying emotional wounds from our recent sojourn into the realm of separation and divorce. It was here, amidst each other, we could really expose those wounds. And amidst all the open wounds, we shared one other thing together ---- some laughter. That weekend was the first time since I had separated, that I actually could laugh a little. Talk about healing medicine!"

"The gift of encouragement was both useful and uplifting."

"I'm so much stronger than I was when you met me two years ago. I actually enjoy being single---a terrifying prospect to me two years ago. Your retreat was a turning point for me"

" Visions Anew Institute helps complete that educational process for women facing divorce so that they have the tools to make good choices in stressful times." Robert Boyd, Esq., Divorce Attorney

"I will look back on it as the moment the tide turned for me."

"I can't thank you enough for all of your support, discussions, pampering, organizing and all the other important programs too numerous to mention this weekend at Divorce Survival School."

"I attended one of your weekend retreats a couple of years ago and every time I get an e-mail notice from you, I remember what a wonderful jump start the retreat was for me in going from married to single"

" Visions Anew was such an affirming and uplifting retreat"

"“The Visions Anew Weekend set me up for success!”"