The Visions Anew Institute’s resources section is designed to give you valuable tools which can help you navigate the difficult waters of the divorce process. Below are descriptions of each section as found in the Resources drop down menu.

Divorce Directory

The Divorce Directory is a listing of service providers which can help you with all aspects of the divorce process. Whether you are looking for legal counsel, mediation, or somewhere to store your belongings during a separation, the Divorce Directory hopefully is a helpful starting point. In each category within the directory we have assembled a series of questions that could be a good launching pad for finding a service provider that meets your specific needs.

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Visions Anew offers Support Groups for men and women; Seminars for men and women; and Weekend Retreats for women.

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Additonal Links

Additional Links is a listing of other websites or resources that might help you in your search for answers and resolution. Our goal at the Visions Anew Institute is to give you every resource we can think of to minimize the damage done during a divorce or even to find ways to avoid the legal hurdles all together.

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Job Searches

One thing that often occurs after a divorce is someone needs to find a job or a new job when they relocate. We have assembled a list of top national job search websites as well as some regional sites that should make the hunt a lot simpler.

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