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A Worried Mom

Question: Dear VAI, My husband of 24 years and I have made the painfully mutual decision to divorce. Our biggest concern is our boys ages 21, 15, and 13. How do we tell them and how do we do the right thing for them after the announcement? Worried Mom Answer: Dear Mom, You are prudent […]

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Down and Downer

Question: Dear VAI, My wife told me just two weeks ago that she wants a divorce. I had no idea she was unhappy – we’ve been married 27 years – but she says she has made up her mind. I’m so down that I can’t even concentrate at my job. Am I depressed? What does […]

Happy Days are Here Again

Margot – Thanks for all your warm wishes and thoughtful prayers.  That “sad night” so long ago was just what I needed to move on and give me great perspective on the “happy days” that have replaced it. Thanks for all you did for me and for all you do for those that come to […]

Civil Divorce

When my wife asked me for a divorce, my gut reaction, as a trial attorney, was, “Welcome to my world. I will crush you.” Because she had attended one of your Divorce Survival Weekends she said, “There is a better way.” As a direct result of her involvement in your organization, we had one of […]