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  • A Worried Mom -

    Dear VAI,

    My husband of 24 years and I have made the painfully mutual decision to divorce. Our biggest concern is our boys ages 21, 15, and 13. How do we tell them and how do we do the right thing for them after the announcement?

    Worried Mom

    Dear Mom,

    You are prudent to realize that this situation … Read more →

  • Fighting a Custody Change -

    I have been divorced since Sept. 2010 with custody of my son who just turned 17. My ex husband suddenly wants physical custody of our son for his senior year in high school. My ex husband is an alcoholic, tried to commit suicide and was admitted to the psychiatric hospital before our divorce. My question to you is how can … Read more →

  • Down and Downer -


    Dear VAI,

    My wife told me just two weeks ago that she wants a divorce. I had no idea she was unhappy – we’ve been married 27 years – but she says she has made up her mind. I’m so down that I can’t even concentrate at my job. Am I depressed? What does that mean? What’s going on … Read more →

  • Affair and Drugs -

    Dear VAI:

    My wife has been having an open affair with a younger man. I even think they are using pot. I’ve managed to keep it from our kids but I want her gone! It would seem that I could get the kids and pay her nothing because of her antics. Judges and juries care about adultery and other misbehavior, … Read more →

  • Forensic Accounting -

    Dear VAI,

    My husband just told me he doesn’t love me any more. He reconnected with his first love on Facebook and wants a divorce – after 20 years! I haven’t been working in years and the kids are now both in college. I have no idea what’s gotten into my husband! He says he doesn’t want counseling and to … Read more →

  • Financial Affidavit Document -

    Dear VAI,
    My husband and I are trying to divorce as amicably as possible.  We’ve been married only seven years, have no children and I hope I can do some preparation before seeing an attorney.  Maybe this will save some money. I downloaded the copy of the Financial Affidavit from your website but it is so daunting!  I don’t … Read more →

  • Not a Loser -

    Dear VAI,
    For most of the 30 years I have been married I have made a very good living. I’ve become an entrepreneur in the last few years after I was downsized, and building a business has been tough. Now my wife is the breadwinner; she doles the money out by the spoonful, and calls me a “Loser.” I can … Read more →

  • Mediation Confusion -

    Dear VAI

    My wife and I will be divorcing. Several of my friends are suggesting that we consider mediation before hiring divorce attorneys. That sounds less expensive but would I be foolish to do it this way?


    Confused, I understand your concern about skipping to mediation prior to retaining an attorney. Though it might be much less … Read more →

  • Escaping Abuse -


    Dear VAI,

    I have been in an abusive marriage to a physician for 15 years. I have only been actually hit three or four times and he is always remorseful. I’ve stayed married for the kids, but now my son is treating me more and more disrespectfully – like his Dad. I must break this pattern and divorce. The … Read more →

  • Too Many Choices -


    Dear VAI,

    After 6 months of marriage counseling my husband says he still wants a divorce. We’ve been married 25 years and the kids are grown, but I haven’t earned a paycheck in all that time. I hear all kinds of horror stories about bitter divorces and then I’ve heard about some pretty civil ones. How do I keep … Read more →