Visions Anew Institute offers resources, education and support to empower divorcing  families and individuals  to create a new vision for their lives.

    We can help . . .

  • Do you know someone contemplating divorce?
  • Do you know someone in the midst of divorce?
  • Do you know someone who still has issues about their divorce?


Visions Anew Institute is a 501(c)3, non-profit, organization that empowers individuals to navigate the divorce process with information, integrity, and dignity. Our programs offer free Divorce Groups, Seminars, a Divorce Directory of referred divorce professionals, radio podcasts, a magazine column, and Divorce Survival Weekends.


Divorce Support Groups are held in banks, senior living, government, and social facilities. The seminars are in office settings. The weekends are located in serene country or mountain venues.


The Support Groups are led by volunteer therapists & psychologist facilitators. Our unique Divorce Survival Weekends, in addition to providing educational presentations by female divorce professionals, are completely run by past participant volunteers. They even do all the cooking! These “graduates” return to guide and care for their divorcing sisters.


The support groups are held at various times of the day and evening. There are currently 8, including one for Men Only. The Divorce Survival Weekends, with attendees from all over the nation, are held three times per year. We have hosted over 40 of these retreats.


    Why Visions Anew Institute?

  • Divorce is prevalent – 50% of 1st & 70% of 2nd marriages end in divorce
  • Children are the ultimate victims
  • Spouses/Partners usually profit by education and support
  • Divorce pain causes people to do unreasonable things
  • We address both the emotional & business aspects of divorce
  • Programs involve professionals and past participant volunteers
  • Proven effective through hundreds of evaluations
  • 14 years of success healing our communities
  • Endorsed by therapists, attorneys, & financial professionals

Vision Statement

We envision a world where those divorcing arise so empowered and filled with integrity, that through them each succeeding generation experiences less and less divorce.

Statement of Purpose

Divorce is complex and chaotic. Visions Anew Institute brings clarity through resources and education, empowering wise decisions with integrity. We transform lives!