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Ask Visions Anew


“I think this retreat was helpful on the psychological aspects – which was very important for me. Thank you SO much for that!
I enjoyed meeting other women with similar stories and gained strength from telling my story and hearing the others. I am happy to help VAI any way that I can going forward.”

Graduate Retreat #37

“Before I arrived I felt hope, but had no substantiation – I had no tools. I felt like a failure, I had nearly given up.
After – I am equipped
with understanding of my behavior and what I have experienced that produced deep depression. I understand what the facts of divorce are and how I can regain my self-worth with even greater strength. I understand the mechanics of a process I could not grasp, a process that was defeating my health, my will and my ability to function. I understand the steps involved in the process that I have learned from expert presenters , staff and co-attendees to a very deep level of comprehension”

Graduate Retreat #47

“What a wonderful experience, sincerely think that everything was top notch. I loved every minute of this retreat, so very helpful. When I get my act together I would love to help you out.
Before I came to this retreat, I was anxious, scared and overwhelmed. I feel that I now have more tools and knowledge to help me through this difficult time. It was assuring to me to know that there were other ladies just like me who are going through the same garbage.”

Graduate Retreat #42

“I came in feeling horrible and very uncomfortable. Everyone was very welcoming and truly committed to our well being and progress.
Thank you VAI, and everyone from the bottom of my heart. You have given me the tools to continue and move forward.”

Graduate Retreat #48

I truly didn’t know what to expect. I definitely didn’t understand the amount of information I would receive but more unexpectedly was the friendships that have been created! Amazing!

Graduate #49

I was a little skeptical but open. I was amazed at the organized agenda and the pampering the women gave us. I feel so knowledgeable. I know I have a lot to do preparing for my impending divorce. Thank you VAI!

Graduate #49

“When I arrived I was very scared and depressed. I was also nervous that I might get even more confused during the retreat than I already was. I am leaving this retreat so happy, and so much more confidant. I feel that I have all the information I really need, and also now I feel that I actually have a support system.”

Graduate #49